Visiting Disneyland or Las Vegas usually creates an extreme sense of excitement, but they also come with a fairly high price tag. While the long lines and expensive dinner menus are always something to look forward to, there are many different ways to enjoy a trip. One of our favorite ways to spend our free time is outside, where nature has created an amusement park of its own.

While the outdoors is easy for everyone to enjoy, that doesn’t mean that everyone is eager to jump into a tent or lay under the stars. For some, the security of an RV is all that it takes to find comfort in an exposed and outdoor setting. At Secure RV Shipping, we have transported vehicles to many different locations, and in doing so have found some of our favorite places to park an RV. With that being said, here are a few of the locations that you should scope out for your upcoming camping trip.

Paradise in Oregon – Blue River, Oregon

For a campground that offers all a killer view, lush trees and a secluded camp spot all your own, Paradise in Oregon is the place to go. Curiosity has been spiked since Oregon was recently one of the more popular places to move to. Experience the parts that make it one of the most beautiful states without having to deal with the interstate traffic, tourist shops and standard city feel.

Trinidad Lake State Park – Trinidad, Colorado

Very few things boast a view like the ones you’ll see in Trinidad. Tucked away in the green mountain hills, Trinidad offers gorgeous lakes, hiking trails and plenty of opportunities for adventure. You’ll far from short of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in the colorful state of Colorado. You can count on being close to water and enjoying the perfect temperature when you camp here.

new mexico
Elephant Butte – Sierra County, New Mexico

When looking inland, it’s hard to find anything quite as beautiful as a beach, but this particular campsite in New Mexico makes it easy to enjoy gorgeous waterfront views and still be tucked away in the plains. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the warm lake waters or get out and explore on a hike, you can find it here. With a population drastically less than 5,000,  Elephant Butte is the perfect place to go when you’re truly looking to tune out the world for a bit. 

While these places are gorgeous, we know that the chances of you living real close aren’t always high. If you are set on visiting one of these places, but don’t live nearby, Secure RV Shipping can make sure that your RV makes it to the final destination, safely. For questions and quotes on our services contact our office, let’s get your summer camping trip booked today.