We know that shipping your RV may make you a little nervous, but the professionals at Secure RV Shipping are trained and ready to handle your shipping needs. However, before we can safely ship your RV, we need you to go through your RV and prepare it as thoroughly as possible.

The inside

Make sure all of the doors are securely latched. Also, you will want to be sure that the same can be said of any cabinets and windows as well. If you have anything hanging on the walls of your RV, either take them down or be certain they are secured. Remove any loose items in the RV and store them in compartments if needed. Also, be sure that the gas and power supply is disconnected and all electronic items are turned off.

The outside

Do all of your lights work? Check to make sure all external lights (like turn signals and brake lights) are in working order. Test all of your cargo doors so you know they are secured and latched.

The mechanics

Just like a regular car, you need to be sure that your RV is working properly. Make sure the fluid levels are where they should be and that the battery is charged.

After you have checked every part of your RV, it should be ready to go! Secure RV Shipping is confident that we can deliver your RV to you quickly and safely. Trust our professional staff to listen to your needs and give you a fair price every time. Call us today to receive a free price quote!